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Lawmakers are targeting two million dollars to help kill problem Idaho Wolves

Lawmakers aim million to help kill problem Idaho wolves Idaho has 118 packs and 680 wolves, according to 2012 figures. Support the claim of the Foundation that there are measures to control the wolf from hunters and poachers federal insufficient to deal with wolves devouring sheep, cattle and deer herds coveted by hunters, … Read more Ravalli Republic

Wolf to kill the bill adopted by Idaho Home Boise – Idaho spent more than $ 2 million, to remove problem wolves, and set a new state board to oversee the effort, according to legislation adopted in Idaho on Friday. “We need to keep the pressure we put on wolves, only to … Read more about HREF =”http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2014/feb/22/wolf-kill-bill-passed-by-idaho-house/”> rel =” Nofollow “> new spokesman Review

anti-gay Bill Idaho doctors and teachers can turn gay bill vile, Kansas legalizing homophobic discrimination might be surprise died last Thursday, but the threat of separation against gay people is far from over. during this month, lawmakers in Idaho will consider two Bill to go even further than Kansas “in … Read more about Slate Magazine (blog)

Idaho lawmakers vowed to keep Internet-connected schools

lawmakers vowed to keep Idaho Internet Online Schools Boise – Idaho students will not be victims. This word legislators when it comes to providing Internet in schools across the country. Currently, the state uses the money to pay for internet in schools continues to be on hold. But … Read more about KTVB

Controversial Idaho Accounts freedom of religion dead Boise – controversial legislation to protect those who cite religion as a reason to deny service to others so that they oppose out of Idaho in Wednesday. House unanimously agreed to return HB 427 Committee. Chairman of the House … Read more about The Spokesman Review